From the recording Hope of The World

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Written and recorded with one of my best friends Casey Moore (guitar player and member of Leeland)


Lord I come to You, would you meet me here
I am desperate for You
When I feel alone, and there’s no one near
I am waiting for You, we are waiting for You….

Hope of the world come and reign down on me
Open blind eyes to see, reign down on me
Pour down Your love cleanse my heart set me free
as we fall on our knees, come and reign down on me

You spoke the world to be, and You created me
I am living for You
And when I cannot see, You are enough for me
All I need is You, all I need is You

With all my heart, with all my soul
I lift my voice to the One I love
Through all my days, Your truth remains
My King on high, You reign above